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We do not own channel 6 and 7 repeater but we do have contact with the owners and performing some maintanice support for these repeaters.

Channel 3 UHF PRS/CB Repeater is an officially registered and is located 500 meters above sea level in Waimate ( South Canterbury ).

Repeater sites increase coverage for UHF CB users by re-transmitting them over a wider area. This repeater can increase the distance from up to 15kms (max) to all well over 140 kms up and down the east coast.

UHF PRS/CB Repeaters are available to anyone in the general public. However it should not be used for commercial and or business purposes. Please be mindful that it is a public service and your transmissions should be loud and clear without any abuse or bad language.

This PRS/CB Repeater is provided & maintained with the community in mind, It has been put together by volunteers time, equipment and finances. Everyone is welcome to use this free service, if you would like a hand in setting up your gear, i'm more than happy to help you get sorted.

You can use the UHF PRS/CB Channel 3 Repeater if you're within range by putting the radio into "Duplex" mode (the button marked "DUP" on most radios). You should hear a short burst (tail) after you transmit.

If you would like to use this repeater for community events and require radio gear, please email us to see if we can accommodate your needs and requirements.

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