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About South Canterbury PRS Repeaters

We do not own channel 6 and 7 repeater but we do have contact with the owners and performing some maintanice support for these repeaters.

As a challenge of many that said that building a UHF PRS repeater would be quite expensive. I took on that challenge with the mind of how cheap one could actually build one. I come from a background of the mindset "if i dont have it, build it" so after emailing all of the UHF PRS license holders around new zealand to find out what gear they had and how they run it.

I then decided on the approach i was going to take and make the best "cheapest" radio repeater with the materials i had access to. for afew years there was already a couple of VHF cavity filters in the shed and these modified would be turned into 4 UHF cavities.

After many weeks of building 4 bandpass cavities that would be a perfect addition to the radio repeater, loops, lids and bottoms made, I have since replaced the DIY made ones for NZ deltec ones.